Square Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget

Flexible budgeting to help get your spending squared away.

$5/month or $40/year

How does it work?

  Get paid.
  Divide into budgets.
That's the gist.

You want to know exactly how your money is being spent so you can save more, and not get caught off guard by upcoming expenses.

This is accomplished by adding all your bills, and budgeting for them with each paycheck. Budgets are flexible. They can have any timeframe to match whatever cycle length you need and can be created for any expense, recurring or one-time.

Direct connections with each of your financial institutions are established so that transactions can automatically update each day. Then contribute each into one or more of your budgets (income is added, expenses are deducted).

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Financial Institutions

Thousands of banks and other financial institutions are supported. So take a quick look to make sure yours is on the list.

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Steps to getting started...

1. Register!

2. Connect to your bank(s)

3. Add bills and budgets

4. Connect transactions to bills

5. Contribute transactions to budgets

6. Pour wine step 1


Flexible Budgeting

Add and split transactions into budgets with variable timeframes to track spending.


Get a quick glimpse of all your most recent transactions, upcoming bills, and more!

Automatic Importing

Easily and securly connect with financial institutions to import transactions.

Bill Tracking

See what bills are due and in what order. Create both recurring and one-time bills.


Associate transactions with the person, place, or thing to which they relate.


Each transaction is automatically assigned to a relavent category.

Want To Try It First?

Click the Tinker button below to create a test user with simulated bank account data. Then tinker! Create bills, update transactions, add budgets, etc. Test everything out.