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SquareBudget.com is a flexible budgeting tool with bill tracking and many other features that can help you figure out the best way to save and manage your money. No sensitive bank information is needed. Simply import all of your bank transactions and get started.
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Steps to getting started...

1. Register!

2. Add bank account names and starting amounts

3. Add bills and budgets

4. Import transactions

5. Connect transactions to bills

6. Contribute transactions to budgets

7. Pour wine step 1


Flexible Budgeting

Add and split transactions into budgets with variable timeframes to track spending.


Get a quick glimpse of all your most recent transactions, upcoming bills, and more!

Transaction Searching

Quickly search using up to 13 different factors to find exactly what you're looking for.

Import Transactions

Batch import with all common file types that your bank web account provides as an export.

Bill Tracking

See what bills are due and in what order. Create both recurring and one-time bills.

Helpful Graphs

Identify trends and outliers with lots of relevant graphs and charts.

Optional Tagging

Associate transactions with the person, place, or thing to which they relate.

Optional Categories

Divide transactions into a multitude of categories and custom sub-categories.

Safe & Secure

No sensitive bank or personal information is needed. Registration and full site access require just an email and password.

Your data is encrypted in transit using an SSL certificate, a global standard security technology.

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